Mossley AFC Supporters Club


Stuart Dyde has been asked by the soon to be new board of five if he would resurect the supporters club for the new season. This task he is happy to do but will need help in doing so. If there are any willing people out there who would like to help please get in touch.

The aim is to raise as much money for the running of the club so that we the fans can contribute in other ways other than attending the matches on a saturday.

Some of the events that are already happening are the quiz night which believe me is a good night (even though my team keeps losing) and the annual sponsored walk. the next quiz night is on thursday june 21st and the walk is on july 1st so please if your doing nothing on either of them dates join in and lets raise some cash.

It is understood that some people can't attend some events so if your one of them please let Stuart know what sort of event you would like to be held and something can be sorted.

One of the other ideas is a membership scheme where by as many of us pay a monthly direct debit into a bank account raising much needed revenue. This is just an idea and needs to be thrashed around the table with many other ideas by those who are willing to help.

Another request is that anyone who has spare time on a tuesday evening from 6.30pm and a sunday morning from 9.30am please can they help out with the upkeep of the ground as this is a task that has to be done every week or the place will just go to rack and ruin.There are a few people who do the odd bit of weeding or painting but with extra numbers the work needed wouldn't take half as long.

Thanks for reading and if anyone has any comments or is willing to help please get in touch.