Statement from the Boardroom!


The President, Chairman and Board of Directors of Mossley AFC would like to take this opportunity to welcome our new manager Chris Willcock and his staff to Seel Park.

After discussions with last season's manager Gerry Quinn outlining last season's financial problems and moneys available this season, it was suggested by Gerry QUinn that it would be difficult to put a team out for the available budget and a decision to part company was agreed.

The Club have officially thanked Gerry for his efforts and loyalty at the Club last season. Several people had been in contact with the Club, including the new manager Chris Willcock, and only after the decision to part company with last year's manager had been made, and he had been informed, was a new manager appointed.

A more important issue is the Share Issue offered before the start of last season. We are aware that shares have still not been issued to people who have generously bought them in support of the Club. This is giving serious concern to the current Board and advice is currently being undertaken to put this legally and officially in place as a matter of urgency.

No-one must under-estimate the very serious financial situation the Club was in last Christmas. Questions were asked with no information or answers coming from anyone. Thankfully, the new Chairman and the people co-opted in to help by the current Board of Directors have salvaged the situation and put the Club back in a stable position.

The current situation is that we have a new manager and backroom staff, we have training facilities in place for the season, a new team on the horizon, ground improvements ongoing and stability financially, but the Club can only move forward with your ongoing goodwill and support.

Please, as always, support the people running the club. Help around the ground now or on match days, or if it's just a chat call in the office any morning.

Finally. We now have our pre-season in place, training starts on 1st July and we look forward to seeing you "down at the club". Don't forget the cut price season ticket offer ends on 2nd July.