From the Boardroom


The Chairman and the Board of Dirctors of Mossley FC would like to inform all our supporters that the Social Club, an important part of Mossley Football is NOT closing down.

As part of a total restructure of Mossley Football Club Ltd, the business, alterations to certain areas of the Business are proving to be neccessary, especially in the current financial climate.

This season we have had a good season 'on the field' and have made big improvements 'off the field'. New terracing, new showers in all the dressing rooms, new toilets and re-decorating of the Social Club. During this time we have had to endure difficult circumstances along the way. No gate money from November to January due to match postponements, an arson attack on the boardroom, vandalism to the pitch and areas of the ground, but we have taken this head-on and will come through this by the end of the season.

Already we have plans in place for next season, both on and off the field and restructuring certain areas - the Social Club being one, will be neccessary. But, with the superb and continuous support of all Mossley Football Club supporters and volunteers we will carry on trying to take the club forward to hopefully new and better times.

Once again to you all. A huge thankyou for your understanding and support with our efforts.

If anyone would like to discuss anything connected with the Club, please contact the Chairman or Directors of the Club for a chat.

Keep the faith!