Willco answers fans questions


Mossley fans were invited to ask new manager Chris WIllcock questions on the Independant Forum about the forthcoming campaign. Here are Chris' candid answers!

1. SJNR: Re defensive minded Woodley.
Regarding your comments re Woodley last season, we were very hard working, organised and difficult to break down, hence the amount of goals conceeded throughout the year being reasonable. Our problems were scoring goals and the lack of quality we had in the attacking third was clear to see, but my budget (being the smallest in the league) dictated the quality i had. Bigger budget = better quality which would have resulted in a higher league position. Unfortunately at all levels of football, the attacking players cost the most money. As a manager i had to decide the best way of getting results with the budget i had available.
In my previous post with Winsford, we conceeded 30+ goals, and scored over 100.

2. Steven: Re approach to the fans.
I consider myself extremely approachable, as will be my players and will look to build a strong link between the squad, management and fans as they play an extremely important part working together. (We all love talking football and my door is always open - please feel free to introduce yourself in the clubhouse).

3. Smiffy: Myself registering as a player.
No. Thanks for the vote of confidence Smiffy, i would love to play but my playing days are over. If we are in a strong position at the end of the season I might dust my boots for a fleeting appearance. Ha ha. . . . .

4. SteveM: New Signings.
We are at a very precarious stage of the season and what i don't want to do is end up with egg on my face regarding signings. As managers throughout the leagues are already finding out with players saying they are committing and then not doing so. As soon as we have concrete, pen on paper signings in a Mossley kit the fans will be the first to know.

5. Tomo: Pre season
Going very well. Players working extremely hard and gaining their strength and fitness. We have had a great week with numbers, between 22 & 26 players (all with great hunger and appetite to put on a Mossley shirt), 7 or 8 of last season's squad and the rest of players who i either watched or came up against and have been recommended. The enthusiasm, committment and optimisim is gaining momentum with every session as we build towards the 16th August. Regarding the pre season games, Stalybridge and Droylsden I will be using all the players i have at my disposal to gauge who will be staying or leaving and then from the Hyde game onwards I look to settle things down with a tight knit group to concentrate on the way we are going to play (attacking football). Because we are doing 4 sessions a week, the third & fourth being a double one on Saturdays (am & pm) we will be training before all pre season games, hence the results may be up and down during pre season because of the double sessions but that is the foundation that i want to put in place so that we are more than ready come the 16th August.

6. Who's signed - what position and where from?: Dave.
Sorry Dave, as per question 4 - remaining tight lipped at the mo but all will be revealed as soon as possible. 2 players will be revealed to the press before the Stalybridge game - of Conference North Stature.