Chris apologises to fans


As manager of the football club, I feel the need to apologise for the team's display on Saturday at Colwyn Bay. There was clearly a lack of self motivation as individuals, leadership, character, work rate, appetite and responsibility to do their individual jobs in and out of possession of the ball. It was an embarrassing day for all concerned with the club and I as the manager will not tolerate this and it upsets me that there wasn't any competitive pride in wearing the Mossley shirt. I feel particularly aggrieved for the Mossley fans that paid hard earned money to travel and support their beloved team. A few choice words have now been said, and for this group of players to have any long term future under my reign as manager at Mossley, they will seriously have to assess their contribution made in Saturday's game and individual and collective improvements clearly need to be shown in the upcoming games of Trafford and Woodley.

Thank you for your support on Saturday, which clearly the players did not deserve. Watch this space!

Chris Willcock