New Committee launched


A good working party meeting took place at the club last night with further discussion of the current club status and some possible options to progress. A Committee was elected to work alongside the current Directors, to be published on Mossleyweb shortly. There are still a few to be finalised but most posts and all key posts were filled; with elected sub-committees to help the lead person.

The first committee meeting took place following the working party meeting and discussed the season requirements, how to meet these and the current club obligations. Some immediate activities were identified and actions taken by members of the committee.

The next meeting of the committee is on Tuesday 23rd June. The agenda to review the accounts and look at further achievable short term and longer term activities.

Committee members may be looking for help with some of these and will approach people as soon as the actions are clarified.

The club wishes to have a cohesive and holistic approach to both this season and the future of the club.