10 / 12 / 11

An official opening ceremony took place at Seel Park on Saturday when the Sponsors Lounge was re-named 'The Bob Murphy Suite' in tribute to the Club's President and Most successful ever manager Bob Murphy.

Bob Murphy's first involvement goes back 40 years when he was appointed as club scout after recomending Alan 'Bomber' Brown to the then Manager, the late Don Wilson.

Bob of course later became Mossley Manager and went on that fantastic five year period of great success between 1978 and 1983.

Bob enjoyed a special day at the Clitheroe match on Saturday as he was wined and dined and was also introduced to the players in the dressing room prior to the game when the current group of players got to formally meet our legendary former Manager and current Club President - the great Bob Murphy.

The Bob Murphy story is told in more depth here