Nige Wharmby's SEEL PARK upgrade page
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Summer 2006
The back posts supporting the nets have now been set in concrete after problems with leaning last season 12.06.06
The main work on the pitch this summer is installing ten linking drains to the main drains in the troublesome area to the left of the School End. A small band of volunteers have undertaken the work under expert advice and the work as you can see below is ongoing at the moment.
When completed the drainage problems in that corner of the pitch that caused at least one postponement last season should be rectified 07.06.06

Summer 2005
As you can see work has begun on installing tip-up seats in the main stand replacing the wooden benches that have been in place since the stand was built in the mid 1980's. More pics to follow as work progresses around Seel Park. 14.05.05

you can see below that work on the new seats is now completed 22.05.05
The Tuesday evening work posse are hard at it again 11.06.05
The pitch as you can see, has now been verti drained. 60 tonnes of sand went on today.