Sunday 29th July 2019
Swinton Ladies
Mossley Women
(0) 1
(2) 4
Burke-2, Blackshaw, Clarkson
Woman of the Match: Niamh Fogarty

1. Megan Dickin
2. Niamh Wazzik
3. Lilly Weston
4. Mia Riley (c)
5. Holly Cuthbert
6. Grace Burke
7. Niamh Fogarty
8. Ellie Price
9. Elli Clarkson
10. Maisie Blackshaw
11. Ella Barnes


Sunday's first game for Mossley Women against Swinton away was played in very poor weather conditions with poor visibility and heavy torrential rain, however, the ladies lined up ready for a tough game.

Mossley had to loan Swinton a player as they were one short, however, both teams playing with 11 players gave all the girls an opportunity to play 90 minutes.

Early in the game you could see the size and strength difference with Swinton being a lot bigger. However Mossley's fitness and style of football was too much for Swinton as early on in the game the Lilys took the lead with a wonder strike by Grace Burke.

Swinton continued to press but Mossley's breakaway football was too good and within 15 minutes the Lilys were 2-0 up with the goal scored by Maisie Blackshaw.

The game continued to be physical and Swinton were using their strengths. This is a test the Mossley team needed, making the jump from youth to adult football.

Early in the second half Elli Clarkson, with a lovely piece of skill, found herself one-on-one with the keeper and scored - 3-0 to the Lilywhites

At this point in the game Swinton where doing all the pressing and Mossley were pinned back in their own half. However, the Lilys defended very well and kept their heads.

As Mossley broke Ellie Price was fouled about 45 yards out. Grace Burke stepped up for the free kick and scored an absolute cracker -
4-0 to the Lilywhites.

Towards the end a minor error and Swinton pulled one back 4-1 to Mossley.

With 8 minutes to go Captain Mia Riley sustained a nasty knee injury forcing her to be carried off the pitch. Medical teams at the hospital suspect a torn ACL ligament.

The game finished 4-1 to Mossley, and was fantastic work out for everybody. We just hope our Captain Mia Riley recovers soon.

Mossley AFC would like to thank Swinton for the game and their staff and players that helped assist with Mia Riley's injury.

Also a big thank you to Leanne Mansfield for agreeing to play for Swinton so that both sides could field eleven players.

Report by Chris Brooks